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Acid Wash Powder

TM DESANACID FP is a powerful acid line cleaner AND descaler designed to clean all kinds of water dispensing systems. Breaks down oxalates during deep-cleaning procedures in beer dispensing systems. Based on the patented THONHAUSER-PERSULPHATE-TECH_big.jpg


  • powerful disinfectant and descaler designed to clean all kinds of water dispensing systems, coffee makers and ice cube machines
  • registered as an active substance according to EU-Biocidal Regulations quickly removes beer stone and lime scale residues in beer dispensing systems (in beer lines, faucets, couplers etc.)
  • intelligent cleaning with PINK-TRANSPARENT colour change technology
  • exact dosing due to single dose powder sachet guarantees efficient high-class cleaning and cost-controll
  • superior cleaning power proven by independent studies and approved by leading international brewers and manufacturers 

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