SuperChill Cooling Block

Ultimate in Cooling Performance!

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Heavy Duty, Unmatched Cooling

Cast Cooling Block incasing Copper Cooling Lines and Stainless Steel Product Lines Into one dense chilled block.

This Block has been designed to be the ultimate cooling for a glycol beer dispenser to keep every ounce of beer cold! Unlike other designs that have glycol lines touch the lines or shanks at certain points. Ours touches at all points!

Front Screw In Shanks

Our blocks use our Stainless Steel Screw in Shanks to guarentee no leaking along with our pattented Forward Sealing Faucet makes this the best way to pour your beer.

With this way they can be serviced without ever opening up a dispenser again. Shanks simply screw out of the front were a sealing gasket can be replaced if needed. Blocks are foamed into the dispenser for a high R Value.


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Made in USA

100% USA Made and Designed with Made in USA materials


Stainless Steel Lines

 Blocks come with complete 304 stainless lines to the back of the shank.

303 Stainless sockets for shanks to screw into.


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Perfect For Custom Applications


Great for use in custom towers, Lines can be ordered facing any direction for use in many dispenser applications.

Standard Hole spacing available (3”, 3.25” 5”) can be split into multiple blocks to make the nessisary length for the dispenser.

Call For Pricing on blocks for your application.