Beverage Equipment

(Draft Equipment)

 Since 1980 we have been continuing to increase the items we manufacture. From stainless sheet metal parts to hose splicers. We have a vast array of custom and standard items we manufacture. 

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True Manufacturing

(Refrigeration Equipment and Parts)

For 73 years, True has remained steadfast in their mission "To provide a wide range of American-made commercial refrigeration products that exceed industry quality standards at competitive prices."

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Perlick Corporation

(Draft, Bar and Refrigeration Equipment)

Family owned since 1917 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Perlick Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative, quality customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions. Perlick is a national manufacturing leader in commercial bar and beverage systems, residential undercounter refrigeration and brewery fittings.

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Thonhauser (AFCO/Zep Company)

(Cleaning/Hygiene Products)

 Because for more than 35 years they have been striving for best hygiene in the food industry and have been developing high-performance cleaning detergents and tailored packages for the entire processing hygiene. They do this by focusing on making products which are SAFE to apply, deliver VERIFYABLE cleaning results and hence increase your PRODUCT SAFETY and which can be applied in an EFFICIENT and GREEN way.

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